Monday, May 7, 2012

31 Pins in 31Days: Day Seven

This pin, I pinned ions ago with great intentions on actually doing, but shopping for a plastic pig wasn't always on my priority list or fresh in my mind (now if you would have told me that I coulda shopped for a real pig, well, that would be a different story, but that's for another post).

So when I loaded up pinterest today to search for what I was going to do, I was greeted by this pin again and decided that since I was going to Michael's that I would finally add it to my list.

What exactly is this (aside from a plastic pig?).

Well, it's a manners pig.
Or a dinner time pig.
Or a "I don't wanna clear off the table or do the dishes so I better behave pig".

(And for us, it's definitely the latter).

This lil guy (or gal) sits on your dinner table.  And any time someone belches, toots, is ugly to one another, says something that's not dinner table appropriate, refuses to eat something, or anything else that gets on Michael and I's nerves  we deem necessary , they get the pig.

If you are stuck with the pig at the end of the meal, you have to not only clear off the dinner table, but do the dishes and clean the kitchen as well.

This idea posted by Organic Families is purely brilliant and absolutely perfect for the Manna's.

For two reasons:

1.  We don't always eat at the dinner table {putting my head down in shame}.  I know, I know.  It's very shameful, but there are times that the kids want to eat dinner and watch a movie and Michael and I would like to have an "At Home Date Night", so we don't always make it to the table.

I'm thinking that having a fifth lil Manna at the table would make it more fun and encourage us to sit at it for every meal possible.

2.  Okay, here is where I let the world know that we are not a perfect family yet again....we live in the country. And it shows.  Especially in Bella.  Sigh.  She just doesn't care.  She's quick to let one rip at the table and think it's the greatest thing ever (and yes Bella, I'm posting this for the world to see so one day a potential suitor just might google our family and find out one of your dirty lil secrets.  That'll show ya ;)

So tonight we were a party of five......AT OUR DINING ROOM TABLE!!

Here's our lil guy.  He hasn't been named yet, but I'm sure he will be soon.

Can you see him?  (It is Mexican Monday by the way.  Bella and I declared that we will have Mexican food on every Monday possible.  Of course we decided this while we were eating at Salsarita's yesterday oohing and ahhing over the yumminess).

Oh there he is.  Just waiting for a new friend to hang out with for the rest of dinner.

I'll tell ya what, I have never heard my kids use "yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir, no sir" so much in such a short amount of time (remember, we live in the south, you are taught at an early age that these WILL be the way that you respond to an adult and if you don' don't wanna find out!).

There were so many "pleases" and "thank yous" Michael and I didn't know what to do with ourselves.


a mild belch.

so mild it was barely noticeable.
but there none the less.

And the pig's new friend is......

{drum roll a la Michael G. Scott.....}

That's right.
He got the pig and kept the pig.

The kids thought this was hilarious that he got stuck with it because of course I know they were just on their P's and Q's and terrified that they would goof.

So far, this just might be the best thing I've seen, pinned, and tested out from pinterest.

We are thinking of getting two more.

One to keep in my purse and one to keep in the car (oh especially for the car!).

We've already explained that if we had an extra pig to use at restaurants, in the car, at my mom's, at the store, etc. that it would work the exact same, but the "punishment" for misbehaving would be chores that they are not already assigned.

Dreadful chores.

This will teach em to argue with each other.
And burp in public.


  1. Brilliant idea and I am killing myself laughing that Michael got him...bwhahahahah

  2. Doesn't surprise me that dad got the pig first....HAHAHAHAHA!! This is a great idea! I have a few little piggies around the house (both in child form & plastic). The VAN absolutely, & it's always needing to be cleaned & wiped down!!! Sooooeeeey, we folk up in the north country are going to be inviting pigs to the table too!!

  3. This is hysterical! I so need to do this for my girls at dinner! The summer will work but once back to school we are on the go every day w/our girls in club soccer. Ah--!