Thursday, May 3, 2012

31 Pins in 31 Days: Day 3

I actually pinned today's pin...well today.

I had some bananas that either needed to be used tonight or thrown in the garbage come Saturday and it would have broke my heart if that happened.

When I stumbled upon these, I knew that they would be perfect for a friend of mine at work who loves bananas foster.

This pin is brought to you by Sweet Peas Kitchen.  Whoda thunk that you could turn something as exquisite and fancy as bananas foster into Bananas Foster Muffins?

This recipe was super-dooper easy to throw together and I had everything already on hand aside from the rum.  I sent the hubby to the liquor store and that solved that problem (I also had him pick up some cheap vodka so I could make some more homemade vanilla extract....coming soon to a blog post near you).

Michael decided that these muffins were amazing.  I too thought they were pretty delish.  We did add a lil more sauce to each muffin than the recipe stated because we didn't get a good enough taste of it with just one teaspoon.  I'm hoping that it will be even stronger in the morning and have that good ol Louisiana taste to em.

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  1. did you know you can throw banana's in the freezer to use later? i do that all the time. i only like to eat a banana that is still a tiny bit on the green side. not GREEN, but basically no brown at all... so if i don't eat them in time, i let them ripen then just toss them whole in the freezer. when i want to make banana bread i just take them out and let them thaw a bit (they thaw fast), squeeze them out of the peel (which is admittedly gross) and mash them up! no waste! :)