Friday, May 4, 2012

31 Pins in 31 Days: Day Four

Whew! Almost didn't make it today (I've got 20 minutes

This weekend we  have two birthday parties.  One that Bella will be attending tomorrow and one that Mikey will be attending on Sunday.

The kids' friends are getting to an age where who knows what the heck to get them, so it's best to stick with a gift card.

And lotsa candy.

So while going thru my "CTL P" board on pinterest, I came across the cutest lil candy bar birthday wrappers from Anything But Perfect.

The only thing that made this free printable a lil bit different was that you couldn't print it straight from her site.  She designed it for The Printable Cottage and you had to like their facebook page, go to their store, add the item to your cart ($0.00 total), check out, and then wait for the email to arrive with the link to download it.

Now with that being said, the whole process really took all of five minutes (if that), but I'm letting you know in case you are hoping that you can print these out and be out the door in two minutes.

So I got ready the candy bars ready while my pages were printing.  Michael & I had thought it was best to just pick up a large box of regular size bars at Target (I only plan on giving the kids each two bars since there will be other candy there, but I have a feeling that he wanted them more for

Once wrappers were printed, I filled out the "To:" and "From:" part on the back and of wrapper and got ready to tape it all up with my ATG Gun.

Voila!  A cute lil extra to an already delicious gift.   

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