Sunday, May 6, 2012

31 Pins in 31 Days: Weekend Addition...Days Five & Six

I didn't intend on combining the weekend's pins into one post, but with a weekend that consisted of:

  • Two birthday parties
  • One family dinner at friends' house
  • Starting almost 600 seeds for our garden (yikes!)
  • Cleaning off the back porch
  • Going to the grocery store/Lowes/Target (twice)
  • Planning/prepping for Bella's Birthday next weekend
  • Date night with Michael
I didn't even think that I would get a chance to post anything.

Granted the two pins that I decided to do were easy as punch, but at least I was able to squeeze em in.

Since I needed a card for one of the birthday parties we had this weekend, I decided to refer to a sketch from Paper Crafts Connection to quickly inspire me.

I pulled out some oooold stash and made this card:

I just love using up old stuff that I hoard can't bear to part with.

Now I really had to dig for the next thing that I wanted to do because well, I'm exhausted.

So after I'm done folding about 6,854 loads of laundry, I'm going to paint my nails.

Like this:

Two layers of color with glitter sandwiched in between.  

Brilliant right?

Well, you have Stef to thank for that.

Tomorrow's pin, hopefully, will be a little bit more exciting :)

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