Thursday, April 5, 2012

PinterTest Kitchen

I'm addicted to pinterest.  Like crazy addicted to it, but fortunately, I don't just pin.  I also create what I pin (granted, I haven't quite had the chance to try out the 4,415 things I've pinned but I'm working up to it :)

I'm also super addicted to instagram (find me: elizabethmanna).

So when I saw on instagram that jessica had a series on her blog called

I knew I had to jump on board!!

This week I made some healthy breakfast cookies that I saved to my "let's get physical, physical" board.  I did this b/c I'm back to hard core weight watchers and doing a couch to 5K program (more on that in another post).

So here's the inspo for the cookies I made from chocolate covered katie.

I altered the ingredients slightly.  I threw in some mashed baked sweet potato, added some honey, a sprinkling of sweetener, and a dark chocolate chip on top when they were done.

And here is what mine looked like

The verdict:

I thought they were pretty tasty.  Granted, I'm the only one that thought so....lmao.

No one else would touch em (well Michael had a bite, but he wasn't a fan.  He's not a fan of anything not covered in sugar).

They are NOT sweet at all which Katie tells you in her original post.  This will not taste like a regular ol oatmeal cookie.  Even with the lil bit of sweetener that I added, you couldn't tell that I had.  Having the lil dark chocolate chip on there helps though.

But for a lil healthy cookie, I would def. make these again.  Next time I'd like to try em with some applesauce maybe and 1/2 the recipe since I'm the only one who likes them.

Also, I've been storing them in the fridge.

Can't wait for PinterTest Kitchen next week :)

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  1. yay Elizabeth!!! you made it to the party :). and I'm right there with you, starting WW again on Monday. will definitely have to try these. so glad you linked up!!