Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Time To Tackle the Clutter....

As I sit here and look at this crazy mess (aka my craft space), I can't help feel overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed with schtuff and overwhelmed with all the projects I want to tackle.
It's both physical and mental clutter and it's starting to drive me nuts.

Starting tomorrow, May 1st, I'm going to start working on that.

Here's how.....

Tomorrow starts day one of CĂ©line Navarro's Get Messy Class over at Studio Calico.  I'm super excited for this class because I love to get messy (clearly.  look above :) and I'll be creating a mini.  Two of my favorite things.

While thinking of what I was going to make my mini about and surfing around Pinterest (and deciding that I had waaaay too many things pinned), it became clear as to what my mini will be about.

Creating a pin a day!

Each morning, I will surf my boards and find something that I want to cook, bake, create, scrap, or even experiment with an idea that I thought was brilliant.   It can be absolutely anything that I have pinned and will probably change throughout the course of the day (based on time, etc).

Once I settle on what I want to do, I have until I go to bed that night to complete it.  No excuses.

The other catch is, I have to use what I already have on hand. I will not purchase not one thing for this experiment.  I will keep this in mind when choosing my pin or make adjustments and use what I have on hand.  Obviously, I have way too much crap!  It's time to start using it up instead of hoarding.

After I complete my pin for the day, I will then snap of pic of it (which will probably end up on instagram), print out the picture, and scrap/smash what I did in the new mini.

This is going to be a HUGE challenge for me.  It's been about a week since I've really focused on finding some creative time for myself and I'm kinda tackling a couple projects in one, however, I really think that this will be good for me.  It will give me that creative stress released I really do need on a daily basis, I will use up some of this crap I have, and will tackle some of the projects/idea I've really wanted to do since I pinned them.

Does anyone out there want to join me?

You don't hafta do 30 days, you could tackle a week, ten days, 23 days really.

If you wanna join me (aka be my support buddy as well), leave me a comment.  I'd love to follow your progress too!


  1. your craft pile looks just like mine!! i don't think i can do this but it'll be fun following you along on your journey! =)

  2. Count me in!! I have a lot of crap to use up too!