Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Project Life

Like the rest of the scrappy community, lol, I've jumped on the Project Life (aka PL) bandwagon.
And I'm totally glad I did.  Even though I am behind by a couple of weeks (gasp!) it has def. made me more of aware of the lil things in life and to make sure that I document them as well.

I'm still trying to find my groove and each week does take me a lil bit longer than I would like, but I'm enjoying it so it's not a chore.

Here's what I have so far (note:  while I love, love, love, my craftroom, it's not the brightest room in the house so these pictures, taken at night, are dark, dark, dark).

Cover Sheet

Week 1 (Left Side):

Week 1 Right Side:

Week One Insert

Week 2 Left Side

Week 2 Right Side

 Week 2 Inserts:

Week 3 Left Side:

So there ya have it.  What I've done so far.  I think I musta forgotten to take a pic of the rest of week 3 so I'll hafta do that.  I'm hoping to have it all caught up this weekend because I know me.  If I get too far behind, I'll quit...lmao.

And....I'm going to have to start taking pics of em in better light :)

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  1. We are instagram "friends". LOL!! Glad I found your blog. Awesome PL pages!!