Wednesday, February 1, 2012

well i'm back....AGAIN!!

It's been so long since I have last blogged. I guess with trying to keep up with other online sites (i.e. facebook), I haven't really felt it necessary.

But then I remembered why I started blogging in the first place, so now I'm back!

So what have I been up to for the month of January??

Trying to stay true to my words for 2012.

Getting hooked on Downton Abbey

Lotsa cleaning & hanging out in here.

Hanging out with visiting family

Starting my first Project Life

Joining Weight Watchers and being proud of my success so far....Now I'm down 8 lbs.!!

Finally getting eggs from our chickens. We are averaging about two a day from the three that we have. We are waiting for another 10 to grow up and give us some too!

Dealing with a houseful of germs

Reopening the "Manna Family Store" (our chore incentive)

Hanging out and being silly

Watching artists bloom

Starting to crochet my first blanket. It helps when you use your grandmother's crochet hook and think of her lovingly when you use it.

Dates with the Hubby. Of which we decided will take place once a month. Even if it's to just get in the car and drive around just the two of us.

Lotsa homemade ice cream sundaes!

Michael & I taking the poochies for walks.

Wearing more thrifted & vintage pieces.

And of course working...blech!

I'm really hoping to be able to keep up with blogging more. I hate that I broke the habit.

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  1. Glad you're blogging again. Now I can stalk you in two places! LOL