Monday, June 20, 2011

a cereal-ously good time.

i have been wanting to have a CEREAL party for a long time and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to have one.

michael's birthday was approaching + he LOVES cereal = perfect time to have it!

unfortunately, i decided to have it the week we got back from disney and didn't do any prep before hand, so in a 24 hour time period (the night before actually) i put together his party.

the food table. complete with a ton of cereal, fruit, oatmeal cookies, eggs, rice krispie treats, trix treats, party favors, and personalized spoons.

i found lil images of retro cereal boxes online, printed them out and adhered them to tags to use as a "banner" around the table.

the spoons. i found this idea online.

the party favors. mini boxes of cereal with a spoon attached.

the cake. i baked a white cake mix in a clear pyrex bowl, covered it with white icing, topped with michael's fave...captain crunch, and a big ol serving spoon placed in it to look like a big bowl of cereal. lol unfortunately everyone was cereal'd out by the time it came time for cake and we didn't even cut into it. i still loved the way it turned out. (nevermind the plastic wrap on top, this was the only pic i got of it...lmao)

last fall i started decorating my mantle in a different way for each month/holiday/event. his birthday was no exception.

cereal box art, a banner made from mini bags of cereal, a pitcher of "milk", bowls/spoons, framed retro cereal box art, a container filled with oatmeal, and lucky charm scrapbooking paper covered glass votives! seriously, i've had that sb paper for about 10-12 years. finally came in handy.

the "milk" is actually water with some white paint added to it.

the votive candles.

the manna's in their pj's. mikey even put gel in his hair to give him that "i just woke up" look...lmao.

and the gift that made michael's 41st bday a good one!!

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  1. what a fun looking party! love all your attentions to detail - SO cute! and i love the idea for the birthday cake, perfect! (and now i'm craving cap'n crunch!)