Sunday, June 26, 2011

because of books.....

sometimes you just need to search around the net for some creative inspiration.

this is a project i did for the recent effer dare.

(click the pic to make it bigger)

when i first started thinking of what i could for the dare "because of..." i instantly thought of books. then i thought how cool would it be if i did a lo in a book.

so i mod podged the pages together so the book would stay open and did my lo on the opened pages. i put two holes in the back of the book b/c i plan running some twine through the holes so i can hang it up on the wall.

i hafta admit....i love the way it turned out :)

thanks effers for the inspo.


  1. awww...tina thank you SO much :)

  2. super cool, love that it is inside of a book!

  3. thanks everyone for the love!!!

  4. I had to pop over after seeing this on the Dares site. SO COOL. Especially love the stamps - it's got an almost gothic feel to it – just awesome :)

  5. thanks lara for popping by!! and those are actually rubons :) and seriously...gothic feel....LOVE this!

  6. I really love this!!
    So creativity, so amazing and surprising...
    Thanks for sharing!